[Where IT performance matters]


The objective is to provide you with a precise vision of the state of the IT infrastructure, in order to then be able to support you in its optimization. This audit will make it possible to assess the risks incurred by you company in the event of failure and to compare them with the best practices in force. Each audit is accompanied by a complete report that will allow you to make the right decision for your business.



Tailor-made objectives that we define together that can relate to:

  • Organization (Cost optimization, simplification, centralization)
  • Determine risks to your business (Backup, DRP/DCP, intrusion)
  • Configuration (performance optimization, issue, HA, Balancing, …)
  • Identify Single Point of Failure
  • Homogenize and comply with standards
  • Anticipate problems
  • Infrastructure migration


The audit is carried out in 3 key stages, the duration of which may vary depending on the size of your infrastructure:

  • Collection of data from your IT systems:
    • Assets inventory (hardware, cabling, peripherals)
    • Identify SPoF, critical applications and redundancy/backup solutions currently in place
  • Data analysis:
    • Summarized data collected (mapping, security policy, chart, …)
    • Determine scenarios and consequences in the event of a malfunction
    • Define the necessary changes and and corrections
  • Audit report delivery and presentation