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KOFTEC help you to proactively to protect your business, while maintaining a human approach with our customers. We favor quality over interventions quantity, this win/win approach proves to be much more effective in the long term.We simulate insider and outsider attacks using the same techniques as malicious individuals/groups.

Our Company

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructures. We based our work on a personal approach of your needs, a clear planning view, then a well documented execution.

Security audits

We will help you identify and secure your IT infrastructure through several kind of methods, from the Footprinting attack surface to Pentest of your environment.


Infrastructure audits

KOFTEC provides you a precise and clean vision of the state of your IT infrastructure, be reviewing your actual configuration and providing detailled documentation and guidelines.

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Email: contact@koftec.com
Phone: +33 (0)1 30 22 18 69


Tailor-made objectives that we define together that can relate to:

  • Organization (Cost optimization, simplification, centralization)
  • Determine risks to your business (Backup, DRP/DCP, intrusion,
  • Configuration (performance optimization, issue, HA, Balancing, …)
  • Identify Single Point of Failure
  • Homogenize and comply with standards
  • Anticipate problems
  • Infrastructure migration


Each Security Audit is tailor made and depending on your business needs, so here are the possible stages of our audits:

  • Define and prepare the audit’s scope
  • Physical and organizational audit
    • Physical: overview of your Information System security
    • Organizational: risk and impact assessment (procedure, organization, incident response)
  • Pentest: Objective is to simulate one or more attacks and assess the damage that can be caused.
  • Report: Results of all the tests (vulnerabilities detected, risks for the company, …), with improvement proposal and securing. While specifying and categorizing the vulnerabilities detected according to their impact on your company as well as the difficulty in exploiting them and the necessary cost for security platforms.